History of our Hall

IN PROGRESS (Last Updated: 4/8/2015)

Our fire hall has changed dramatically throughout the years but the location has remained mostly the same.   The following photos shows how our fire hall came to be:

History - Creamery (Locaiton of Old Fire Hall)The Harvey Creamery once stood in what is now the driveway to the new Fire Hall.





IMG_5051croppedThe Department’s Fire Truck was stored in a small building attached to the side of T.K. Craig’s garage. (Photo taken in 1940s).  This building burned down but the Fire Trucks were successfully “rescued” by former Chief Orlie McLean.





History - Old Fire Hall 2The garage was rebuilt and served as both a Fire Hall and an Irving Gas Station.  At the time, the Fire Department could set the price of gas.  Hard to believe this day and age






A new edition was added to the top of the building.  This edition would someday hold a full kitchen, hall / meeting area, bathrooms and an office for the Chief.



The Irving Gas Bar and Fire Hall shared a relationship for many years.  An agreement was made to have a Firefighter man the gas station during hours of operation so the department would always have a driver / firefighter on duty.  This photo shows the hall with new siding and new signage.



IMG_0694 In 2010?  New ground was broken to establish the site for our new fire hall.













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