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Harvey Fire Department Main Station


The  Harvey Fire Department is a fully volunteer department comprised of 49 active members including the officers and chief.  The department’s proper name is the  Harvey Fire Department, but it is also known as the Harvey Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD).

Our department protects the Village of Harvey Station, and the surrounding Parish of Manners Sutton.  We are also contracted to provide protection to small parts of both the McAdam and Prince William Parishes.  The area protected by the HVFD comprises of approximately 1000 square kilometres, serving approximately 925 dwellings and a population of approximately 2000 citizens.  The population balloons during the summer months as the area is home to 5 large lakes and numerous cottages and summer homes.

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Brockway Substation

All of our fire equipment being housed in 2 stations – the main station located 2 kilometers west of the Village of Harvey Station on Highway 3 and the sub-station located in Brockway on Highway 3 at the southern tip of our coverage area. This makes our department one of the largest fire response service areas in the entire province of NB.




Within our response area are a two schools, a medical center, a recreation facility with skating rink, a lumber mill, a woolen mill, and several large farms and small businesses.  In addition, the main arterial Highway 3 which runs through our coverage area is a major trucking corridor between the Trans-Canada highway and southern New Brunswick and Eastern Maine, USA.  New Brunswick Southern Railway‘s line linking Eastern Maine with the port of Saint John also runs directly through our coverage area.

The HVFD responds to an average of 80 calls per year. We provide and receive mutual aid to our neighboring fire departments.  Our department is dispatched by the Fredericton Regional Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) housed withing the Fredericton City Police Station.  EMS calls are handled by Ambulance New Brunswick.

ApparatusColumnHeaderOur apparatus fleet consists of three engines (pumpers) with a total pump capacity of 2150 gallons per minute, and a 2700 gallon tanker with a 1050 gallon per minute pump.  We also have two rescue units.  One rescue unit carries the department’s Jaws of Life equipment used for rescue and auto extrication.  The rescue unit also has a mobile breathing air refilling system for filling firefighter’s air packs at fire scenes. We arrive at a scene with up to 6700 gallons of water as there are no hydrants in any of our coverage area.  In addition to the apparatus we have several utility pumps and 4 porta-tanks to assist with providing additional water from ponds, rivers or pools that may be located close to the fire scene.  Our secondary rescue unit carries additional equipment for motor vehicle accidents, off-road rescue equipment and is used for firefighter transport for mutual aid, traffic control assistance, and for hauling our command trailer and rescue boat.

Rescue 799 Argo 8×8

Command / Rescue Trailer





We also have an ARGO 8×8 outfitted for off-road rescue and for use fighting grass and wildland fires.  It can be attached to our rescue sled for patient transport off-road and on snowmobile trails.  We also have a motorboat for water rescue and recovery.  In addition, out department has 8 certified open-water divers.

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Public Awareness / Fire Safety

In October of each year during Fire Prevention Week, we visit local schools to present information to students on fire prevention and driving safety.  We host the local Sparks, Brownies and Cadets at our hall in the spring to assist them with earning their Fire Safety badge and provide them a tour of the Fire Hall and our equipment.  In May of each year, we host a Fire Service Recognition banquet, to thank our members for their years of service and to recognize new members and those who have reached special milestones.

We have 3 Regional Fire Marshall Local Assistants to help enforce provincial safety and code violations. The department membership has training meetings every Tuesday evening at 7PM.  On these nights, we complete either classroom or practical hands-on training.  One Tuesday evening each month is reserved for business meetings.  The Officers also meet at least once per month or as needed.  We  send a delegate to the monthly Capital District Firefighters Association meetings and we have a member assigned to meet with the Village of Harvey for Emergency Measures.




It is the goal of the Harvey Volunteer Fire Department to provide the best possible fire protection and rescue services to the citizens in our response area, as well as anyone traveling through it, 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Please spend some time getting to know our Fire Department better. We hope that you enjoy you visit and find the information on this site to be helpful. Further information about the department can be obtained by clicking the contact link.

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